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ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: Evaluation of a Leading Moringa Product


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Explore the efficacy and quality of the ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement, including its nutritional benefits and its standing as a prominent Moringa product in the market. Through a comprehensive evaluation, this article aims to provide insights into the product’s composition, potential health benefits, and overall effectiveness.  

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The benefits of moringa

To enjoy the advantages of a daily moringa dose, there is no need to clutter your medicine cabinet with an array of prescription medications. Sometimes called the “tree of life,” the moringa oleifera plant has been shown to offer numerous potential benefits, including:

  • Healing wounds: When tested on rats, researchers found the anti-oxidative properties of moringa helped heal skin abrasions and wounds more quickly.
  • Reducing blood pressure: The moringa plant is rich in calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamin E—all possessing antioxidant properties believed to help combat hypertension.
  • Preventing diabetes: The chlorogenic acid in the plant’s leaves helps manage and lower blood sugar levels. While it is not recommended as a substitute for insulin, moringa might serve as an effective preventative measure.
  • Preventing and treating cancer: Rich in antioxidants, moringa helps in the production of T-cells, which combat invading cancer cells. It has been shown effective in fighting both breast and colorectal cancer, with some scientists suggesting it might be more effective than sulforaphane in preventing cancer.
  • Reducing cholesterol: Researchers found that moringa contains bioactive compounds that can help lower the body’s LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase the production of HDL (good cholesterol), thus reducing the risk of heart disease. 
  • Easing post-menopausal symptoms: The antioxidants in moringa can help regulate the hormone imbalance that often leads to hot flashes and irritability. The plant has also been shown to boost hemoglobin levels, which could prevent anemia-related fatigue during and after menopause.
  • Improving gut health: The antimicrobial properties of moringa may alleviate stomach discomfort by improving digestion and easing constipation, bloating, and gas. These benefits have also been found to help reduce obesity.
  • Fighting arthritis symptoms: While not a cure, doctors often recommend moringa to help address the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The ethanol extract found in the plant’s leaves contains an effective analgesic that also serves as a preventive in test animals.
  • Protecting the liver: Studies indicate that moringa can help prevent liver damage that often accompanies hepatitis and liver fibrosis. These conditions can otherwise interfere with the liver’s ability to aid in the body’s metabolic and detoxification processes. 
  • Fighting neurodegenerative diseases: Studies show that moringa can help with memory impairment and protect the brain from the degenerating effects of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.
Healthy Sporty woman after wight loss

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: a true superfood

The leaves of the moringa tree are more nutrient-dense than most fruits or vegetables. In addition to being rich in calcium, protein, iron, zinc, copper, folic, and amino acids, they contain potassium and vitamins A, B, C, and E. Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans recognized its value and encouraged warriors to include it in their diets; women, on the other hand, often relied on the plant to increase lactation and promote weight gain in their children. Today, nutritionists appreciate moringa for its ability to control obesity and address malnutrition.

A true superfood may not grant you superhuman abilities, but it does provide you with the most nutrition for the least amount of calories. All parts of the moringa plant are edible, including the seeds, pods, roots, and leaves. A serving of fresh moringa leaves contains only 92 calories while packing quite a punch, with nearly a third of it being made up of protein. Moringa also boasts a long shelf life, meaning it can be preserved for an extended period without losing its nutritional value.

When dried, moringa’s leaves become even more concentrated and potent, making ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement—Green Superfood exceptionally nutrient-dense. Each two-capsule serving provides 700 mg of moringa leaf. ORGANIC INDIA only uses vegan-friendly capsules, which are USDA Organic certified.

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: an eco-friendly favorite

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement isn’t just beneficial for your health; it’s a positive force for the planet. The owners want you to reap the benefits of this stress-reducing plant without adding any stress to the planet. Their goal is clear: to incorporate bio-regenerative farming practices into producing moringa plants and to restore an ecological balance to the earth.  ORGANIC INDIA has played a significant role in regenerating thousands of acres of farmland and forest. Recognized for their commitment to sustainability, the company has received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Sustainable Farmer Income Enhancement Award.

Eco Friendly

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: value

By taking two vegan-friendly and gluten-free capsules daily, you can benefit from 700 mg of moringa—the amount doctors recommend to help control blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Priced at $18 per bottle, providing a 45-day supply, it is equivalent to spending about 40 cents a day on some of the finest nutritional supplements available. That’s less than the cost of most pharmaceuticals.

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: customer reviews

While ORGANIC INDIA has received commendable reviews for its value, potency, efficacy, and quality, it’s important to note that a few users have expressed concerns. Notably, the dark bottle employed by ORGANIC INDIA prevents sunlight exposure, which can potentially impact the efficacy of the moringa. However, the bottle is made from glass, which can easily break during shipping. While the company is diligent in replacing broken bottles, they don’t allow returns for reasons related to customer dissatisfaction.

Green Virgin Products 120 Vegan Moringa Ultimate Capsules: a worthy alternative to ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement

Amidst the myriad of moringa products, Green Virgin Products 120 Vegan Moringa Ultimate Capsules stands out as a viable alternative, offering equivalent benefits with distinctive features. Notably, what sets this product apart is its 100% money-back guarantee, providing customers with added confidence in their purchase.

For a daily dose, users are recommended to take five capsules, so you’ll spend roughly $1.25 for each day’s serving. Despite the slightly higher per-serving cost, the investment ensures a more substantial quantity of the supplement. Green Virgin Products Vegan Moringa Capsules adheres to the daily 2,000 mg dosage commonly used in moringa efficacy testing. This strategic dosage ensures that users receive a potent and effective amount of moringa, offering an opportunity to experience the full spectrum of its benefits.

Additionally, Green Virgin Products has garnered a significant number of outstanding customer reviews. While most customers touted the value of their products, many were more impressed by the purity of the moringa capsules and the overall eco-friendly nature of the company’s products. “As a cancer survivor, I am passionate about providing only non-toxic products to our customers,” says Green Virgin Products CEO Ken Marion.

Green Virgin Products also takes pride in its recognition through industry awards for sustainability and dedication to providing only natural products. The company prides themselves in buying their products from family-owned farms, so the moringa oil is never over-processed or cooked, preserving its effectiveness. The company further stands out for not using any additives or flowing agents in their capsules, so each dose is 100% pure. They are also the only company to package their capsules in oxidation-free containers, preventing the degradation of nutrition caused by oxidation.  

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement stands as an excellent product, providing potent benefits through its remarkable nutritional richness. As a viable alternative, Green Virgin Products 120 Vegan Moringa Ultimate Capsules offer equally potent benefits, standing out for their commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on natural sourcing. For those prioritizing the purity of a product, coupled with a dedicated customer satisfaction policy, Green Virgin Products Moringa Capsules might present as a better option.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that health supplements are not FDA-approved; they cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Supplements should be used only as an adjunct to conventional treatment under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Green Virgin Products 120 Vegan Moringa Ultimate Capsules

ORGANIC INDIA Moringa Herbal Supplement: getting the most out of your moringa

Harnessing the full benefits of moringa entails incorporating vitamins A, B, C, and E, along with copper, zinc, and amino acids. However, you do not need to spend a fortune on over-the-counter supplements to reap the benefits of moringa. While the FDA doesn’t regulate moringa or any other supplements, it’s important to check the label to make sure the USDA has certified the product as organic. As you work hard to stay healthy, make sure the company packaging your capsules is working just as hard to make sure they’re pure and non-toxic.

Green Virgin Products Moringa Capsules

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Important Note: The information contained in this article is for general informational purposes only, and should not be construed as health or medical advice, nor is it intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease or health condition. Before embarking on any diet, fitness regimen, or program of nutritional supplementation, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional in order to determine its safety and probable efficacy in terms of your individual state of health.

Regarding Nutritional Supplements Or Other Non-Prescription Health Products: If any nutritional supplements or other non-prescription health products are mentioned in the foregoing article, any claims or statements made about them have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and such nutritional supplements or other health products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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